Friday, April 10, 2015

WIP's Be Gone of Another Color

chopped cabbage
I have had this on my to do list for months now and well, I started it.
Fermented cabbage = Sauerkraut.

submerged in it's own juices

It will take a few more weeks to months for it to be complete, but worth the wait.

pretty color going into hiding

darkness is helpful in process
So good and good for you.
And pretty in color.

And for the finishing touches of this week, a little sewing on a long time quilt project. lol
in the works
How's you wip's be gone going?

1 comment:

  1. I use to make sauerkraut. Used the green one and, well, it didn't look as nice as yours. Love the color. Good you put the jar in a pan. I didn't for my first batch and it overflowed! Ugh. Love your Dresden plate. WIPs Be Gone is finally up. See you there. Good to hear from you.