Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ministry Fellowship

                   It was GREAT. We ( the Harvest Community) arrived anywhere between 8 and 9:00, and registered.
    We( lots of people) got our pictures taken and signed our lives away. Not really, we( those who had not already done so in the last three months) just had to fill out paperwork so they knew where we( servants of the Lord who help out in different church ministries at different campuses) helped out.
  We( the people and all who attended) worshiped with the best worship team ever, Harvest Christian Band.
  We( the people) heard great comedy and good clean laughter coming from the crowds. It was fun.
  They( the staff of the church) gave away prizes and one was a all expense paid trip to Australia for the next Harvest Crusade. I just wish it could have been me, but the good Lord knows who He wants there.
   We( servants) got a free burger or hotdog with chips and a drink. ALL the while the wind was blowing. Sure the enemy tried to stir stuff up but we( everyone) all a good time anyway.
      We were reminded of the beliefs that the church is based on. You know things like,
We believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God. All Scripture is  inspired by God.             (2 Timothy 3:16).
 That the trinity is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And eight others that I can not remember all of. But it is what I believe, and so I was glad to hear them all again, Should have taken notes.
   All the Pastors were there. It was a blessed day and it just reminds me how blessed I am that I am able to help serve my Lord in church that teaches the gospel truth, straight from the pages of scripture.  I  am also blessed to be so close to one of the best churches in America.
Punkin loved going to school there

This is where I serve now, both in Children's Ministry and As a teacher for my Punkin.
It is a great way to spend the day with love in my heart for those who I love and who love me.

 God has put me here and I am where I am supposed to be.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


                   I am so new to this that I don't make sense of what I am saying. I am just blogging.
    I have been following Ree Drummond /The pioneer Woman's blog and am engrossed by her abilities to write. She has contests and all kinds of different subjects that she writes about. She is really good.
    I so enjoy them all. Maybe someday I can write like her or her contributors. Even Heather from OMSH is  really helpful in the homeschooling ideas.
     I love the recipes that are available through Tasty Kitchen.

    So, someday, if I don't get intimidated by all these great bloggers and stop blogging myself, I may be able to blog like the best of them.

Until then I will just take baby steps and do my best with what I have.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quilters Newsletter Article

Remembering Phyllis Schneck, Lost in Tucson Shooting

“Phyllis Schneck, quilter.”
That’s what the TV reporter said as he read a list of those killed in this week’s tragic shootings at an appearance by Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson, Arizona.
“Phyllis Schneck, quilter.”
As the reporter read her name, her picture appeared on the screen. It was the smiling face of the 79-year-old-grandmother and great grandmother. Her son said his mother wasn’t particularly political but did want to meet Giffords.
I wanted to know more about Phyllis Schneck. It’s not the norm to hear someone identified on national TV news as a quilter. Here’s what I learned from searching for her on the Internet: Phyllis Schneck spent summers in her native New Jersey and the rest of the year in Tucson, where she and her husband of 56 years, Ernest Schneck Sr., moved in 2000. Ernest died in 2007. In New Jersey and Arizona, Phyllis Schneck was active in church and women’s clubs. Family and friends interviewed in the wake of her death, all noted two things: she was a great cook and a whiz with a needle and thread. Her daughter, B.J. Offutt said her mother was active in quilting, crafting and Bible-study groups at her church. She helped create quilts the church sold two or three times a year to raise money for mission.
A New Jersey friend called Phyllis Schenck “an activitst for her community,” and many noted her generosity. A pastor at her Tucson church said: “Phyllis just had this very sweet spirit…She had sort of a quiet way about her, but on the other hand, she just had a poignant sense of humor.”
I never met Phyllis Schneck but feel I know her just a bit. She sounds like so many women in our quilting world who value the art of hand-crafted items and are willing to give many hours to make beautiful things for others –even folks they’ve never met. I hope the quilt world will join me in mourning the loss of one from our community. Please take a moment to think about the void in the lives of all who knew her, those who benefited from her labors of love, and especially her three children–B.J. Orcutt of Colorado Springs, Colorado; Phyllis Rautenberg of Calabasas, California; and Ernest Schneck Jr. of Rutherford, New Jersey–and her grandchildren and great grandchild.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Quilting quilts

This is my passion.
     To be the best of my kind. Professional Quilt-Top Constructor. I received a call from a  gal who I have had quilt some of the tops I have pieced. I have made four to date this year. (Three of which were on my camera, which was lost to every viewers eye but mine. That mistake I learned from after I reformatted my disc in the camera one night.) Okay enough of that, Anyway I so wish I could do that task much more than I am hired to do.

No, I don't have business cards and nor do I have a website or advertise. I do these jobs by word of mouth.
Tonight I got a call and it was nice to hear from Trina, but then the doubt has crept in. I hate that slimy devil, who does that to me. Makes me wonder if I am good enough for the quote. I think I am and I feel I am, but who can...,
 see there he goes again. It's like STOP Already.  I will find out if someone wants me to do a job for them or not. It is totally up to the Lord and His will.

Last year I did a couple of shirt quilts for a gal and they were stunning in the end. But sure the questions were there. Is it really worth the money. The owner of the quilts thought so when she received them.

He loved the "Angels"

silk and rayon and cotton shirts from her
belated wonderful husband

This was the center of the back and the
sky in the back was part of the same shirt
BQ with hubby's shirts

I can't go on doubting myself. I am a Professional Quilt-top Constructor, and I love it.