Friday, July 17, 2015

Auction for HeartLine WIP

I made this a couple of years ago and was not sure what to do with it.
This summer in my Summer Bible Fellowship bible study, I was prompted to offer it to the ministry of Heart Line Ministries, a pro-life agency, that our bible group has helped support.
I wanted to help in some way and so I suggested a raffle.
The monies will go to Heart Line and help more than just one person or family.
I am excited to see how many tickets will sell before July 30.
Who will be the lucky winner will be exciting as well and I am so glad I have found a purpose for this lovely quilt. So It is almost a completed WIP that is going on weekly over at A Quilting Reader's Garden.
What are you doing for your excitement this summer?


  1. That is beautiful, Judith! Sure to bring in funds for the group. Bless you for doing this.

  2. A beautiful quilt! I hope this does well for the raffle!

  3. Who was the lucky winner? Curious.