Friday, May 22, 2015

Table Runner for Teresa- WIP

My very first time
I have been enjoying Tuesday Tea's for about a year now. We go once a month.
I was invited by a group of wonderful ladies who I do bible studies with.
enjoying fellowship
We go to Barbara's Victorian Tea House and have a wonderfully blessed time.
monthly birthday lunch
I have been going because a lovely sister in the Lord has made it possible for me to attend.
So I wanted to give her a gift of gratitude and appreciation for her gift.
I made her this.
And she loves it.
I am so glad I am blessed to have such wonderful godly women for friends.
Just wanted to share with you all, and hope you have wonderful friends like Angie to get together with often.
Have a great weekend.


  1. What a lovely gesture. I am sure your friend feels blessed by it.

    1. Blessings are in the giving, that is for sure, Jennie.

  2. What a nice event! The table looks lovely as does the table runner for your friends. Blessings, sister.

    1. It is a great time, Angie, Sisters in the Lord visiting and laughing. I want to make another one for her, but much longer and more colors. Thanks for visiting. :)