Friday, April 17, 2015

Another WIP to Do- Be Gone- Tea Cozy

Almost a year ago, a friend asked me to try make her something. She loves tea.

She drew me a picture and well I didn't think I could find something like it.

But because of technology and the internet, I found a pattern.
Ta-Da, another project complete. This of course is a proto type.
Her's will be of another color and print, but I know how now and it is in the process of being complete. Check out Angie's WIP's Be gone.

What have you learned and completed recently?


  1. That is darling! I"d want one if I had tea more often these days. What with my kidney stones, I can't drink much of it, but I can see using one in the winter to keep that pot of tea warm. Well done, Judith! Is it going in your Etsy store?

  2. A very cute tea cozy! I have been planning on making one to keep my tea hot!

  3. One of the prettiest ones I've ever seen!