Saturday, March 28, 2015

Towne Purse- Up-sized for WIP's be gone

This week I have had many unfinished projects going.
Two wallet orders that are in waiting for fabric to arrive are just a couple of them.
But I did get something that has been in the works for years completed.
I have had this fabric quilted for over six years with this Lazy Girl Design , Towne Purse in mind.

But I have recently learned how to put in an internal zippered pocket. So I added two of them. One on each side behind other pockets.
I also made it about two inches larger all the way around, so I could carry my bible and or iPad, and of course a bottle of water.
With ten pockets and three zippers, I feel good about carrying it.
I also finished another wallet for inventory for my etsy shop.
I will be going to San Diego with a group of friends next week and just maybe, they will think my bag is as pretty as all their Vera Bradley totes.
What do you think?
I am linking to Angie's for WIP's be-gone.

It even stands up


  1. It's fabulous. Are you going to make one for your Etsy shop? I can see it would be a lot of work. Maybe this one could be the sample for special orders. You are so creative! Have fun in SD.