Thursday, January 30, 2014

Get In Touch

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I can not believe how this week has just spun by. So many of you have stopped by to just say "Hi". How great that is. I am so happy that the party has gone so well. I need more hours in my week to get to all of them. But I am sure I would still need more time. Surely other things would crowd in and around the clock to just get a little of my attention.
I have been in touch with so many people this week my head in still in a whirl wind spin. I am amazed. But hey, the clock still is ticking and we still have time to get in touch with so many more.
Mean while I have been handling the home front, with a thread and a hum in my soul.
Last weekend we had the Local Quilt show in Ontario -Road to California. I was planning on taking my grand-daughter, but well she ended up staying home with her mommy and little brother. That gave me all the time in the day, and I took it.
When I arrived I ran into a friend I had not seen in about four years. It was great, we toured the whole show together, then went our separate ways again. I saw some real beautiful show pieces. Traditional quilts really I guess are my favorite. There is talent in all art , but the traditional quilts take me back to when they were done by templates and newspaper, and hand. Okay, hand is to much for me, I can't hold a needle for ten minutes, but I wish I could.
I found some fun pieces of fabric to make some beautiful items for my shop. I even picked up a different material. I can't wait to see if I can work with it. If so, I will show you when I get it done. Or heck I may have to ask you your opinion, when the time comes, I will try to get in touch with you.
And today I was able to alter one of my items when some one got in touch with me. It was the first time I took apart a wallet and added more credit card slots. I am glad when I can make someone HAPPY to where they are singing.
Hope you are having a wonderful day and glad you stopped by for a visit. Do come again.