Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Time Keeps on Slipping...

I can not believe how fast this summer has gone by. We were just out of school for the year and now we are getting ready to start again.
Although, I will not be homeschooling this year.
I have so much on my plate and so little time to devote to the important task, so she will be attending a school close by.
I will continue to babysitting when needed, which seems like most of the time.
I have been continuing to make new items for my etsy shop, but not as much as I need to.
I don't really know where the time has been spent.

Inspiration's Big Bear 

Vina De Lastonnac Temecula Ca. 
I did go on a couple of quilt retreats, around my birthday.
I have been searching new ideas for items to add to my shop.

47,000 attendees Packed House
I attended two night at the Harvest Crusade, at Anaheim Stadium.
And I guess getting ready for another grand baby.
#6 grand baby coming soon
Time just never stops.
What has been keeping you busy this summer?


  1. Time goes by quickly doesn't it. Those retreats look great....lot's of stitching and fellowship. Yay for a new grand-baby!!

  2. He's so big! What a sweetie. My #1 DGS spent the day with me yesterday. He's almost as tall as I - can't believe it. And he was so helpful. Life is good. Glad you had time for some quilty fun in your busy summer. Hugs...