Friday, May 16, 2014

Great Memories

Hello Quilters, and Fellow bloggers.
It is that time of year again to visit all those lovely works of art, from quilters all over the world.
I am so glad for friends who keep me up to date on all the latest updates. You know who you are.
I have been sewing up a storm lately and feeling like I am getting some ground covered. Great Feeling isn't?
Amy's Creative Side is so gracious to allow all of us who have a made a quilt either this week, this year, or anytime. To post about it this week. So I am.
I made these beautiful quilts for some friends of mine who were going thru a very difficult time as they were grieving for the loss of dad. Married for 43 years, she wanted to have something to hold on to. So for her and her two daughters, I created these memory quilts for each one.
They gave me 29 of his rayon and silk shirts. I added his daily casual colors of blue jeans and t-shirts.
In  Mom's quilt, I appliqu├ęd a Woody driving into the quilt.The end results are what you see here.

 I hope you like them as much as the three women who received them. His memory lives on.
Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy this fabulous Festival.


  1. What wonderful memory quilts, Judith. You have blessed these ladies and made it easier for them to hold him near.

  2. Beautiful memory quilts - also that you made three different settings

  3. That's a lovely way to remember him - you did a beautiful job.

  4. Such a lovely quilt filled with a treasure chest of memories. What a blessing you are to create a thing of beauty that these ladies can cherish forever!!