Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter in SoCal With Chocolate and Carmel

Okay, today in SoCal it is about 74* outside, but in my house is 67*. Go figure. Plaster walls stay cool longer and takes awhile to warm up. But outside is wonderful. I used to call it mailman weather. lol That can say where I used to be.
But today I am sewing up a storm. No wind today, just calm mellow breezes blowin' thru the window panes.
I have been working at getting all the ins and outs of my newest adventure, ETSY.
It is a lot of work. Well for me it is. Between homeschooling and babysitting and working and.....well you get the picture. A woman's work is never done. I just keep adding pans on the fire.
So with this new adventure, I found a way to show more of what I am doing. More to be learned I am sure, a little at a time.
Today I found I can share my blog in my shop about page, yay!.So I am sharing what is new there.
This is what I added today.

I envision Chocolate and Carmel goodies.
See more in the shop by clicking on the ESTY link off to the side. Share with your friends and family and follow me and like my facebook page Everestranchcreations
I can use all the help I can get. 
Thank you reading my blog and take care. Visit again and see what else is new.


  1. I love the fabric you used for these new wallets. You have such a good sense of what goes with what.

  2. Lovely wallet! Chocolate and caramels, yum!!! I'm a retired teacher who now quilts A LOT and does some other fun things. Hope your blog grows by leaps and bounds! I found you through the GYB party.

  3. Loved all of your things on Etsy and your blog is lovely. Really like the background photo. Enjoy the bloghopping! Thanks for visiting mine!

  4. These are beautiful! good luck with them on etsy.