Wednesday, December 24, 2014


I just want to tell Everyone = Merry Christmas ,
May you all be very blessed and remember what this holiday is all about.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I have a sale going on in my shop on etsy and, has a little bit to say about it. Thank you for checking it out. I have to get back to creating now. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Time Keeps on Slipping...

I can not believe how fast this summer has gone by. We were just out of school for the year and now we are getting ready to start again.
Although, I will not be homeschooling this year.
I have so much on my plate and so little time to devote to the important task, so she will be attending a school close by.
I will continue to babysitting when needed, which seems like most of the time.
I have been continuing to make new items for my etsy shop, but not as much as I need to.
I don't really know where the time has been spent.

Inspiration's Big Bear 

Vina De Lastonnac Temecula Ca. 
I did go on a couple of quilt retreats, around my birthday.
I have been searching new ideas for items to add to my shop.

47,000 attendees Packed House
I attended two night at the Harvest Crusade, at Anaheim Stadium.
And I guess getting ready for another grand baby.
#6 grand baby coming soon
Time just never stops.
What has been keeping you busy this summer?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Baby's Birthday

Wednesday will be my baby's birthday and she will be 28. Wow how time flies. I have been so busy making theses cell phone / passport cases for ladies in my Summer Bible Fellowship group, that I almost didn't have the time to make her something.
Sew…. I squeezed this in today, just for her.
I think she will really get some use out it, because, she is going to have another family member in November. So with her little one, and one on the way, she will have her hands so full, she'll need something to keep her phone handy.
Hope you are enjoying this summer so far.
I have been sewing these cases for almost two months now, and have finally caught up with myself.
What do you think of all these? Do you like them? Everyone who has one, Loves them!
They tell me what they would like to have whether, color or theme and I create.
I have enjoyed them. I think I will add more to my shop soon.



for my baby's birthday

What is your color or theme?

Friday, May 16, 2014

Great Memories

Hello Quilters, and Fellow bloggers.
It is that time of year again to visit all those lovely works of art, from quilters all over the world.
I am so glad for friends who keep me up to date on all the latest updates. You know who you are.
I have been sewing up a storm lately and feeling like I am getting some ground covered. Great Feeling isn't?
Amy's Creative Side is so gracious to allow all of us who have a made a quilt either this week, this year, or anytime. To post about it this week. So I am.
I made these beautiful quilts for some friends of mine who were going thru a very difficult time as they were grieving for the loss of dad. Married for 43 years, she wanted to have something to hold on to. So for her and her two daughters, I created these memory quilts for each one.
They gave me 29 of his rayon and silk shirts. I added his daily casual colors of blue jeans and t-shirts.
In  Mom's quilt, I appliqu├ęd a Woody driving into the quilt.The end results are what you see here.

 I hope you like them as much as the three women who received them. His memory lives on.
Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy this fabulous Festival.

Festival For All

Hi Quilters and Bloggers.
Hope you are enjoying your festival put on by Amy's Creative Side.
The quilt I have entered is one done a couple of years ago.
It was a challenge for our guild, using green and two different blocks. One having to be a Nine Patch.
It was called Go Green Challenge.

I used over 40 different scrap fabrics in my stash and one green floral beauty.
As most of my quilts I do, It is a king size. I have a hard time with little  quilts. Although, I would get a lot more quilts done if i did do smaller quilts. You understand I am sure.
Anyway, I just love how it brings in the outside garden inside to my room and makes it feel so fresh.
Well I hope you enjoy the festival and hope you like my quilt.
Have fun,

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Well I finished my granddaughters birthday present this morning,
So cute!
I had to wait all day to share because she was slow in doing her school work.
But she will be done with this year in just a couple of weeks and then we move on. Yeah!

I am trying to make electronic devise cases for my shop, but it is taking me some time. I don't know all the different sizes.

What have you finished today and looking forward to?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Like and Share

  I have a Facebook page that has a like and share to win going on.
If you want to have a chance to win your favorite wallet in my ETSY shop.
Then visit by going here

and follow the guide lines.
There are at least 30 + items to chose from. These are just a few.
Winner will be announced on Mother's Day on FB.
Don't forget to Like and Share with a favorite choice as your comment.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

APRIL 15 again…...

Lil man with his first hair cut.Time keeps on slippin'
While I am working away to get the taxes paid and in the mail. Life is whizzing by.

Purple Checkbook Wallet
Purple Checkbook-10creditcard
 I have posed the question out there as to what color should I work with next?

Creditcard Wallet
This was what came together.

What color would you like to see made into one of my creations?
 Leave me a message to help me along.
If I get enough response I may just have to have a give away.
Purple Creditcard Wallet