Monday, December 30, 2013

Another Time Another Year

As we all know, the year must come to an end an another will be issued in. It is that time.
I have not been quilting so much as I have be playing, catch up. But I have been sewing and that is good. I can't say I have used up my stash as Angie over at A Quilting Reader's Garden has. Nor have I been able quilt up as many as others have this year. But I am sewing.
I started an etsy shop and so at least I can sew on little things and then share them with others.
I am still homeschooling my grand daughter so that is where most of my time is spent. Also, with the new grand babies that entered my world this last year. I have been busy. I was able to make a couple of small quilts that i think I posted, but may not have.
Time just keeps ticking away and there are times when I can't remember what today is.
Like today when I woke up and had to ask myself, what is today and who is coming. "No one", was the reply. I had the day off. So I cleaned a little bit and then hit the sewing room. I was able to finish another wallet for my shop, with hopes that someone will like it as much as I do.
I must keep this short so as not to really bore you so I will end it with this.
HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR and keep on stitching in your quilting play house.