Monday, April 29, 2013

Remembering My Friend- Carol

I just want to say that as we live our lives for today, that time flies past us.
One of my very dear friends went home to be with the Lord before this last Christmas and it took all of who love her for a spin.
 This past weekend she was laid to rest at sea. She will be remembered by all who knew her, because she left an impression on all who met her.
She was one who would give you all she could, but if she needed something she didn't always demand it.
 She was so funny at times, as she grumbled about what she truly believed in.
She wasn't happy about where this country was going and wasn't afraid to let you know about it. She believed in the Savior and was sure to tell you about Him if you would listen, but wouldn't push Him on you.
She had more sewing machines than anyone I knew. Yet only began to sew about six maybe seven years ago.
She loved her dogs and cats and yes even her chickens. She also loved horses, but she loved flamingo's most, and PINK.
She was an avid reader and there was a list of books and authors she just had to read. She loved to share her books as well.
When ever she found something new, that excited her, she shared it with anyone and everyone who would give her the time, or not. She loved to share.
I am so pleased to know that she has been laid to rest where she wanted to go, but knowing that she is in heaven and I will one day see her again, makes me the happiest.
I will miss her until we meet again.