Friday, December 9, 2011

Surprise Mystery Finished(top)

  I am sooo happy to say that I have finished another quilt top, this year.
Some may say "so what", and others may say, "is that all"?.
But I say "Whoohoo"!.

 I wanted to do the jelly roll mystery , but was so far behind that I waited to get all the directions and then went at it. Of course for "Therapy".  I cannot say it is a finished quilt because it needs to be quilted, but as to date, I have finished One completed quilt for my daughter as a wedding gift and two quilt tops.
I have also started another one.
Where has this year gone.
Homeschooling my grand-daughter has taken up much of my time and then there was the spring/ summer vegetable gardens. Nearing the end was a wedding and of course the dailies we run into. Wow. 2011 is just about over and I hope I can get another quilt top done.
If not I have all next year right?