Sunday, November 27, 2011

Who Gives This Bride?

I am over whelmed with emotions. I can only Thank the Lord for all He has done in this last month. Really all my life.
Life has been like a whirl wind, and yet calm. Is that like the eye in the storm?
Not sure how to take that.
I lost my youngest daughter to her father several years ago, when life was, well what I had made it.
I tried to go back and change things, but the courts and money spoke louder that I could.
I sat on the side lines for along time, waiting.
Two years ago, my baby girl began to draw close to me when she decided to travel in a mission trip. She was gone eleven months and traveled over eleven countries. While I sat waiting for her everyday, to see or chat with her thru Skype.

World Race Team girls
Turkey, I think

Baptism in the Jordan River
praying with little one in Uganda
Enjoying Egypt
Returning home to USA

 I prayed over and for her at all times. More than I had ever prayed. I had others praying for her, and for our relationship.
This last year we did bible studies together and sewed up tons of bags together.
This last weekend, she got married to a wonderful guy. 

Getting all dolled up

Going for First Look pictures

Bridle Party

Flower girls

Proud mom

Happy Couple on their first dance as
Mr. & Mrs. Smith


My baby all grown up

World Racer George Washington III

World Race girls

My Favorite, Mikee

"Her Mother's and I do !"

First kiss as MR. & MRS.

It is so hard to let her go again, and yet I didn't shed a tear until today. Knowing that she really is not mine, but the Lords and He has done all this for his Glory.

I don't want to go on because I don't want to cry anymore, tears of lose. I only want to remember the good times.