Sunday, October 16, 2011

OC Shower

Finally the showers are done and the surprise's are revealed.
I had to whip a quilt together and have it done to present to the bride and groom.
It was not easy , but the good Lord kept them away by having them be busy and they never seen it coming.
The Maid of Honor, and one of the Brides Maids
beautiful brides in their finest
I didn't even get a shot of it until the event.
Dad and Brother were great sports
I'll have to get them to take one and send it to me. But again, it was great and ever so slightly,  the aaah ha moment. I didn't get the shot though. Being at night and outside, caused the camera to delay.
But I think it stunned the crowd. I love how the Lord uses my hands to create times like that.
They received so many nice things, and were happy too.
But the best was the bride game.
We had to make our player wear a brides dress, using toilet tissue.
It was a hoot. I am still laughing.

The food was great, the company was fun and we made it home in one piece.
Blooming Busy Sunflowers
The Lord knew we needed to, cause all those who really cared about Punkin were in the car, and she was not.( She was at daddy's- it's was the weekend).
All to Him and for His glory. I just love the LORD, and am glad He love's me.
Now I pray that the next big event is all guided by HIS Hands. (The purchasing of the home.)