Sunday, October 9, 2011

One Down-One to Go

Yesterday I went to one of my daughters Showers for her bridal showers being held. They are having two, due to location. Next week it will be held in OC.
It was at her best-friends, also Maid of Honor's, house. It was a lovely home and full of the Lords presents.
The atmosphere was serene over all.
Seemed like everyone was in good spirits and although some forgot thing's, everything was covered.
I even had to back track to get what I was to bring, Rice Crispy Bars.
Okay, I was riding with the so to be bride and groom and we had to go back but we were still pretty much on time. Good traffic and a Great driver, with a 'no worries', attitude.
The Lord even had the air cleaned durning the week with a good rain shower, and then nice morning weather. By noon though we needed to move the party to the inside to keep everyone cool.
Just a pre-trial for the weather in November. We must pray for Great weather then as well.
We built houses out of graham crackers, and some were very cute and clean, and then there was ours. We had a bad pallet of graham crackers and well, we did what we had to with what we had. (The story of my life, Make do with what you have and make the best of it, if possible make it better.)
Hey, we got a point for creativity- YEAH.
We played bingo and I did win something, like wow. I won .....
Anyway, they received some great items that they wanted and that was good. But I had to see the ahh ha moment and I believe I caught it. I was glad to see it too. It was on what I had given her.
We all had good sandwich and salad eats, and the bars were a nice treat, aside the cake. (Costco cake- always good).

supervising from the experienced

the best from the experienced

lots of goodies, like comet

ahhh ha moment

What did you think
I got her?

the brick laying in action
 with how many hands?
It was a good time and we helped clean up and went home ready for a nap.