Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This Bears All

Hey it is a new week and there is a new contest at Quilters Gallery. I would love your support, so go on over there on Friday and vote for "This Bears for you".

Click on the button on the left -  Weekly Themed Quilt Contest and follow the theme of BABIES.
You can vote for more than one but then my chances drop. But if they are worthy, then so be it.


I Thank you in advance.

Summer Over and a New Beginning

We did it. We started a new year and we are in the third grade.
I can't wait to see how and when the lights will come on (in the little mind).
A few minutes late but pretty much ready to go, we were in to full swing.
Things will go a little different this year than last. I learned a few things last year.
This year we will not only earn points for special things, but we can we can loose them as well. OUCH..
But the concept is an awaking to 'effort pays'.
I was new to all of it last year and drew different ideas from different folks. I am applying what I think may help us this year. I am still open to ideas, but we have begun and the ground rules are on the table. Which can change at the discretion of the teacher, who happens to be me. Not that I will change things unless forced to do so.