Friday, August 26, 2011

Last week..

Well this is the last week before we go back to school.
Yes, I say WE. I will be home-schooling my grand-daughter again this year.
I thought for sure she had it last year with the good days and then the bad ones. But she wants to do it again. So we will !
Now that does not mean that we will not have good and bad days, because we all do. It just means we will give it all we have to do the best that we can at all times. ( It sounds good doesn't it).
So with that said I have one week left to get all the wallets done and all the aprons finished. If I can. Oh yeah, to do the best that we can at all times. Didn't I just say that?
I was at a quilt retreat a couple of weeks ago and had some ladies order wallets and aprons.
So I have been doing just that. Making custom ordered wallets and aprons.
These are made using the 'Quilter's Wallet' pattern from Pat-e-Pattern Designs
Well I just received some more fabric in the mail from a gal who wants me to make her a wallet.
I finished a wallet yesterday for someone else, and I did one last week for another gal. I think I am on a roll.
I have had a good time doing these wallets let me tell you. And each one is a stand alone creation.
I guess I had better get to work before the week is up and finish the work that needs to be done.
Next week I will try to get the last of the aprons finished, and then I will prepare for wearing my teachers hat for awhile.

What are you doing to finish up your summer?