Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Sewing Busy-ness

Everything Bag

This month has been busy.....
 I have had more going on this month than ever expected.
My son drove in from out of state to visit with me. He brought his family and I was in heaven for a few days.
This is the first visit that I was not totally nervous over. I usually break out and get flustered before hand, but not this time. It was so of the Lord. I knew he was coming and I just asked the Good Lord to take control of it all and He did. We had a great time.
my grand children
On top of that, I had all my children with me. It was not my birthday or Mother's Day. No one died or got married and it wasn't planned.  It just happened and I loved it.
We had a quiet fourth and we enjoyed that.
my children
My grand-daughter was with her daddy so we just relaxed.
My son turned 30 this month, wow does that make me think....

My youngest will be 25 next Friday, and yes I am still thinking....

On top of all this I have been making aprons and wallets and bags of all sizes. And Really, Enjoying it. I was hoping to make some money, but just being able to sew has released some energy that has been bottled up for awhile. I love to sew and we are selling some, but until we can be ahead of the cost, we just keep sewing for the purpose. (see  ).

I was able to do some canning yesterday for the first time this season. I got three quarts and one pint of stewed tomatoes. I have some in the freezer and I have eaten many already. Crop is good this year. Even after the beginning struggles, we are getting some produce that is very delightful to the taste buds, yummy.
And having my husband around every day is not to bad. The honey do list is getting taken care of even as we add to it daily. Did I mention he went to Joplin to help out in the tornado relief efforts? The Lord just keeps growing him and I love him more every day. -both the LORD and my husband-
part of the harvest
Well with this update that is long over due, I have some more sewing to do. I have orders for more bags and aprons...
purple bell peppers

two very happy customers

If you would like one just let me know...