Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It Is Finished

I just want to say, that this first year of homeschooling is finished. We made it and she wants to do it again next year. YEAH! That to me means I didn't destroy her hope and trust in gamma. I am so glad to finish and she / we finished well. I am so proud of us, we really learned a lot.
I was asked what I learned and I came up with a couple of things.
#1-  Multiply by fives using the clock. I know how to multiply, but it came to me early on this year, that if you can tell time and remember the minutes, than when you need to multiply by fives, think of the numbers on the clock and well I was like, NEW. Anyway, my star student got it, Yeah....
#2- I expect to much.
#3- Everyone has a different pace of doing things and I need more patience.
#4- Patience and that I need more.
#5- How to pollinate corn.
#6- How to compost.
But one thing that I knew and was confirmed with is that I love being with my grand-daughter and teaching her what I believe is important to know. I just love that child and love being around her.
1774 dress up like Felicity

end of year celebration

She did great and she completed all required lessons in all required subjects and we are moving on to the third grade.YEAH!!!!