Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

patriotic apron will be for sale 

retired today
So today was my husbands last day to clock in at the post-office. That is where I met him twenty years ago. And eighteen years ago this weekend is when we began to date. Wow how time flies.

As  for time flying, my garden is coming along nicely.

The beginning of this month I had trouble with pests. They were eating everything that was green.

My daughter and her boyfriend bought me a variety of new plants. I was trying to grow everything from seed, and was getting discouraged. So they pampered me with lasting gifts. I think I mentioned that already in an earlier post.
Anyway, the time this month has been flying by and my garden is doing so good. The plants almost all have some fruit on them.
I have already picked some for omelets and salads and salsa.
Today, was great weather as all month has been. It has allowed the plants to gain ground with roots, without devastating heat.I was shocked as I was looking over my onions and the last of the
 lettuce. When I came across this guy.
 It really freaked me out at first. But I asked the Lord to help me catch it before it got away, and well as you can see, He did. Can you tell me what it is?
Anyway, times are flying ands we need to redeem them before to much gets behind us.

I hope you all have a blessed Memorial Day weekend and remember to pray for out Troops and those who have fallen for is it because of them that we can be free.
So what are doing these days?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I hope all is well with everyone.
I have been so blessed to have the ability to choose what it is I am doing these days.
 My son graduated from Boise State last weekend and my husband is retiring this weekend. Wow.
It was nine years ago in July that I left the post office and now my husband has decided it is time for him to get out.
Big changes are in store for us that really only the Creator fully knows all about.
This does not scare me completely, just causes me to wonder what is ahead. We are really blessed and have not been hit by tornados or any major natural disasters. We are able to read our bibles and speak of the Lord and Savior as King.
We can still try to grow what we can eat and eat what we can grow.
another Monday
I can and have chosen to homeschool my grand-daughter and we have 17 days to go for this year and are already preparing for next. I will say it is not a picnic everyday, but I can seen positive results for the future.
I haven't been sewing quilts this year, but I have been sewing. I will continue also.
I am blessed, because, I know my redeemer lives and by my own choice I have received the gift of eternal life.
I am blessed that I have a best friend who loves me and now will be here daily to take off the burden of all the work. He is already doing the dishes, YES...
caught napping at school

Anyway, I have not always made good choices and yet I pray to continue to homeschool for another year is a positive choice.

By the way I have finished a couple more books. Check out the books tab to see.
 What books of choice are you reading now?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Punkin's Birthday

Time has flown by and I don't know where it has gone.
One of the things that I heard said some time ago, now. Time cannot be replaced or saved. It comes only once and when it is gone thats it, it is gone. 
We need to redeem the time while we have the chance. 
I am amazed at how fast it is moving. 
Daddy said to me years ago, when I mentioned that the time seemed to go fast every summer. His response was , "Wait till you get older, It even goes faster". He was so right. I don't know really where the last eight years have gone. It seems like just a few months ago, we were trying to  potty train and then kindergarten. Now we are preparing for the third grade and possibly college. 
Okay so maybe not that far ahead just yet but we had better because before we know it the time will be here. 
carrot cake we made together for her
We let her have the day off from school so she could go to her fathers place early and then to get her back today to go to church and the Angel baseball game.

chocolate cake from a friend
gifts given early

Glad she had a great weekend birthday.