Friday, April 29, 2011

Phone Calls..

Yesterday was a really strange day for me. I was excited about Punkin being in the play at our end of the year bible study.
While I was in the moment of the joy, I guess I got a phone call. Phone being on silent I didn't know it had come through. A little while later I received another one. Well it came through again only to go to voice mail.
What is going on?
I realized as we were headed home that I had gotten these calls. Both were from family and both were strange. They were about what was happening in the mid-west. Again about family. I had no idea the sooooo many tornados were touching down and that they were HUGE.
I got home to find another one from another family member to tell me that all was good.
So Happy to hear that my loved ones are safe.
Hope yours are too...

On another note, we went to the local quilt show. IEQG. Great time seeing all my friends who I have worked with, served while working in local quilt stores. Quilters are the best people in the world. So loving and sweet. I so miss these ladies and was blessed to be around so many today.Oh the quilts were nice also.
Best of Show
helped put this one together

taught this one in a class

Karen in the shot is the owner, hand appliqued

wonderful friend, wonderful quilt

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fabric in my Stash

This weekend I was able to get into the stash fabric of long awaiting. I have been so busy this year with homeschooling, that I have not had the energy and desire (at the same time) to do anything with any of it.
This week after all the must do's were done. I went in to play a little and get inspired. You know to get ticking again.
Well I was able to find something that has kicked me in the pants and for three days now, I have been cutting for a old pattern favorite of mine. 'Yellow Brick Road', from Atkinson Designs.
 I am having a good time and hope that it will continue.
Anyway, It has been a good Monday being back to school and having Punkin here again, but I am so glad to touch and feel and smell the fabric in my stash again too.

When was the last time you were in your stash ?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter with Punkin

hibiscus are lovely

my best friend and me
Just want to share some of the best parts of my day.
Punkin in Sunday school with grama
spring with all the colors

Wish we could have SPRING in the air all year around. I just love Spring. Life comes back to the ground after all the dead cold days pass, and the air is crisp in the morning hours and even Jesus came back to life after being dead, before He rose to the heavens to be with God the Father. 
Sometime we will go to all lengths to get what we see and want. My pray is that 
whatever it takes
you  will seek the truth and go to all lengths to find it. The truth of this Holy holiday, and why we who believe, believe.
Do you believe in Jesus? Have you asked Him in to your heart? You can, today.