Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Break....

This week we had Spring Break. Easter vacation as I knew it in oh so long ago. But anyway, we took this last week off to regroup and do a few things that I haven't been able to do , due to time restraints.
Wow was there so much to do and I know I only touched the surface.
But I did do some things that took all my days and left me exhausted.
I scrubbed my kitchen floors. That was so what was on the very top of my list of things that must be done.
Then I did set up my embroidery machine and stitched out two, count them two, labels for the bags that my daughter and I have been making for selling purposes. Wow did I sew, or did I just sit and watch the machine do it all. You might have guessed it right, I supervised.
But I sat in front of the machine .
Well on the other note, I got all the windows inside and out cleaned. Now I can see all the spring green and beautiful flowers that grow around here.
I was then left to the dreaded bathroom. I had a big mess last year in there. In October my husband finally buckled down and did the repairs. He had to take out and replace the toilet, cause it had a leak and it was Old. Then he had to remove the flooring and even go farther with removing the wood subfloor. It was wet and rotten. So he was able to get that taken care of, and at the same time he had to go into the walls to replace the shower fixtures so that they would not leak anymore. When he was done, I was relieved to know he can do so many things around here. He really is a Great Handy man. So with new fixtures and a new potty (porcelain seat- the queens throne), and new tile flooring and a trap door in the wall. I had to do the finishing work. Wash all the walls and then paint. Well with the time it required, I had to put off that  part for awhile. Thats where this week came in to play. Three days in the bathroom will do anyone in. But it looks all New now and I am popped, but relieved. That is glad that that is done!
The vegetables in the garden are growing in this wonderful weather we are having. Roots are digging deep and getting grounded. I have added some more tomato plants and inter placed spinach in the spare shaded areas of the bed. Potatoes are been eaten by sow bugs and I can't help them, the potatoes that is. Did I mention I added some of my seedling of bell peppers to the garden, well I did. I put them under bottles for protection. Kind of like little green houses. It has worked so far. Another great idea from my hubby.
Corn is growing like weeds and tassels are there for pollinating. Strawberries in a garden salad are a great addition.
Punkin has been visiting her daddy this week. She did get to go to the Griffith Observatory with her mom though. COOL.
Well with the remaining time I have I think I will go play around with some fabric and see if I can get some real sewing in, before this vacation is over.
Hope you have enjoyed your spring start.

 Hope you have a wonderful Easter celebration, for

"He has Risen".

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Something from hopenmotion.....

Just wanted to share what I said in another blog, that My daughter and I are involved in. Check it out from time to time. There may be something that you would like that we have made.You can find the link on the side column. Have a great evening and I'll be back after the spring cleaning is done. I'm pooped.

Meet Mom.....

Alright then... I'm Mom... :)

Meet Mom!
It comes to mind that in this season of the journey I'm on, it's not all about me. It's about those around me, and those whom I can help. The Lord provides all my needs, and if at possible, I want to share 'em. This is one of the most interesting chapters in my life as to date, for I can actually see the hand of God working.  I am excited about the end results, for only He knows them. But I am a servant, who is willing to do His will in order to glorify Him.

I am excited to be a part of this vision, Hope 'n Motion. Sewing makes me tick, and if I can make something that makes someone else tick, so be it...

Bags, Books, Bibles...
Punkin helping in the harvest

I want to share. I hope I can give. I want to give. And do it all with LOVE!
Love of the Father God, who gave his son for me.

Aside from the Lord, who is my priority, I love to sew. And not everything, but I like to make quilts, and bags, aprons, fun things.. Well things I think are fun!!
Apron making! 

love to garden! Hearing the birds sing... feeling the dirt in my finger nails... the sun on my back... the warmth in my soul....

And then to end a day in a good read, yaaa... thats what I enjoy! All the while of knowing that there is a good meal somewhere able to be cooked from the things I've grown... And me and Bambi together, well we are creating some good tasting foods...

Marmalade, from home grown oranges
Jan 2011
So with all that said, I am kinda the domestic women, who is trying to be an example.

With all this I hope I can show Punkin' how to love the Lord, how to be a woman of God, and enjoy what God has created her to be... (Fyi, Punkin' is my grand-daughter :))

And well, that's just a little bit about me!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring is in the Air

We began our spring break last Friday and was it so much needed.
We had a sleep over with a cousin and then we went to a Veterans Parade which was cool, followed by a Butterfly exhibit here in town.
It was cool too. Ever had a butterfly kiss. I can honestly say I have.
I am looking forward to doing a few things this week , like
Scrub the kitchen floor , ugh,
Wash the bathroom walls, ugh,
wash windows, ugh...
Sew , sew, sew, and maybe sew.....
read all night long, if the eyes will remain open, and plant more stuff in my garden.
I got more DIRT...
I was able to get my 'U'bed filled with my compost dirt and I put some seedlings in it. Remember this is all trial and error. Not right or wrong at this point, just learning. So this evening I did a little gardening.
Now I am headed to read if I still have the energy.

 Just wanted you to know that I am still in the game and trying to keep up. Are you?