Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wonderful Weather We are Having

This weekend was fabulous weather for us people who love to work in the yard and garden.
 I had to pull weeds of course yesterday morning and I filled a 33 gallon trash can with them dag-gome things. Not going in the compost pile cause I just don't need that kind of green. But the side of the house looks pretty spiffy.

After a couple of hours I was able to go to the "U" bed and mix up some soil amendments that I had to purchase. Not what I was wanting to do, purchase dirt that is, but I can't make enough dirt fast enough for the 'U' bed right now. Anyway, I mixed and planted a few more plants in it.
Peppers and crookneck squash.
Which of course was before the third Growcology class.
Did I mention my seedlings are sprouting?

 This 3rd class was on seeds and gardening. Lots of great information of, when to plant and where to get good seeds.
 There were two Master Gardeners there to give all they could in the time that was allotted to them. But I tell you, I walked away with a bunch of great ideas and things to apply when possible.

I wonder if I will ever get back to making quilts. I am beginning to worry, that maybe  the time is short for it.