Friday, March 18, 2011

Punkin's Plot

     So today we went to the nursery and picked out some plants to plant. Since our heirloom seeds haven't arrived yet .
     We had done our home work and found out that raspberry plants DO NOT do well in the heat of our town. We need to be on the coast or in a different state altogether.
     Plan "B" came into play. While we were at the nursery this afternoon, we looked at all the wonderful flowers and veggie plants and came up with these for starters.
     We went to work as soon as we got home and added our amendments to our soil. We had planned out the direction of which way she wanted the plants to go and we went to town.
     Oh did I mention plan "B"? Instead of raspberries that she had her heart set on , she decided to plant corn. She said that she wanted to plant corn for 'me'. How Sweet !!! She is the best.

     Anyway, we worked together well and she learned a few things about planting trans-plants. I really think that this is a lesson that she will remember for ever.

     Did I happen to say that this was our own little field trip? Well it was. We walked pulling our little red wagon. We got our plants as well as new garden gloves and there was three of us that went, for the whopping low cost of $21.00. We didn't have to pay traveling costs or parking fees or is it just a one day adventure. This may be one of the best field trips with a triple win win situation. Would that be a win win win situation?

     Any way, we finished  planting the last of the flowers before she had to leave for the weekend.
I believe she would have stayed all weekend if she knew others wouldn't miss her.

     I will plant the rest sometime this weekend , if it doesn't rain the whole time. But I have to remember to go to my 'Growcology' class tomorrow afternoon. Soil/ Composting is the subject. I'll let you know what I find out if you want. Just let me know.

So have you started your summer garden yet? What are you growing this year?
large lizards that freak out my daughter

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Out of the mouths of Babes

Okay, so last Thursday I was at a meeting from our homeschool and there was a speaker. Norm Wakefield, from, Spirit of Elijah Ministries. What a great evening of courage. I had to purchase a book he wrote called, 'Equipped to Love , Building Idolatry-free Relationships'.
  Well I have been reading it slowly and trying to take in as much as possible with little bites.
Each day I am tempted with tons of hatred to believe.
I am reminded that I am human and fail miserable, yet I have grace from my Savior who also reminds me to continue to Love, with out expectations.
 I so want to Love others the way Jesus loves. I so want to see how much one is capable of truly loving others. I am ready to keep the heart open to the work the Lord is doing in me. I can see results in small ways already.
Others I think can too, but do not realize it yet.
My death dream is to have something said about how much I loved everyone. If I died today, it wouldn't. I don't do so well, but I want to.
Doesn't that seem crazy. I mean If I was able to love others unconditionally then I wouldn't even think about it, would I? I so want to love like Jesus does.

Tomorrow I am going to my Thursday Summer Bible group,; Well the one that I was going to last summer and we get together sometimes when our regular Women's Bible Study has a break.
So tomorrow we will get together and have intercessory pray for someone or some thing, as well as bring one scripture about God's power that brings hope for that person or thing. This gathering will be themed 'Scriptures of Hope'.
Mind you I have been praying about this since I got the notice. I have searched scriptures and thought about who and or what. Today I mentioned to Punkin that I still didn't know who I should pray for and what bible verse I should bring.

Out of the mouths of babes.

 "I do!"
So I inquired, "You do, what and who?"
" My dad. Pray that he would stop being the fool who builds his house on the sand and that he would build his house on the rock".

 So I got a 3x5 card and wrote it down and the verse is Matthew 7:24-27.
Wow, Out of the Mouths of Babes.

I have been praying off and on for this guy for years and yet I do not like him, But God is showing me how to Love him.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another Bed...

Today we began another bed. Raised that is. For a new garden plot. This is going to be for Punkin and her dreams of flowers and Raspberries.
We, Punkin and I have discussed the place of this here garden last week and we even designed our gardens on paper. She want flowers and berries. I don't know if we can grow the berries she wants but she is going to learn about them anyway. We will let you know later if we can.

workin' it
 So Papa and I got out our trusty ole' rotor tiller and began to break up the fallow ground. After we hoed of course. The chickens got greens again today.

We worked the soil and sifted a bit. All after we measured how big to go. 4'x6'...
We put corner supports on even though we have stakes at the corners that are driven into the ground and nailed to the frame. Just a little extra support.

We are very proud of the new bed and are hoping that Punkin will be also.

Can you imagine flowers and berries in there?
How beautiful.....