Friday, February 25, 2011

My Girls

My girls are the besets and them some.
 They come through just about teverytime. This week has been one of those times.
    Punkin's mom, became her teacher when I so needed the rest and my baby girl came through with fixing my husband and me dinner for two to three nights. It was great and we had a good rest of the week.          

   Tonight we finished the last of the fried chicken and corn chowder soup. Home cooking with great flavor and warmth. The best food ever.
 Yesterday, momy hand carpal tunnel surgery and my baby went with her to the doctors and was there to get her home and stay with her until some else could stay with her for the night. Punkin and baby and I had a sleep over, or so we all slept at my house anyway. Isn't that a sleep over?
 Okay, so this morning we had bananas muffins and a late start day for school. But it was all good and we even had a special time for some creativity to flow.
   We are working on helping get the word of the Lord out to the homeless.
Check out  the blog site of for more on it.
        I love the idea. Today we made a few more bags and Punkin was able to make picture frames for gifts.
  We made get well cards yesterday for mom and we had a good time. So today she was able to let those juices flow some more.

         Well I need to continue to rest to get this ugly sickness that I have had for more than a week now. So If there is anything that I have forgotten to mention, Oh Well.

     Hope you are all well and good.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Hero's

             So two days ago, I was feeling better and thought I was heading to recovery,
When that night, I was struck by a pain in my chest that hit me so hard, It scared me. And IT HURT.
               I had been getting the night sweats and waking up two and three times in the night to have to change my clothes, they were soaking wet. I was so done doing this. And I was done.                                        

       Then two days ago, I couldn't get warm. I thought that this was strange. For days now I was riding fevers that went from 99.9 to 101.8. My temperature usually rides low, 97.8, but not this last few days. Anyway, two days ago, it was even lower, 96.4. Okay I am cold, blooded. As well as my blood pressure being very low on a good scale it was low. Normally it run 110/70, but it was 89/48.
         Yet I was not dead because I could feel pain, in my chest. Not my heart though, my chest, in my neck and arm, all on the right side. I awoke my husband to ask for help. I needed it, and he jumped right in to the roll. He did everything but make me go to the hospital. I hate them. He didn't make me . He made sure that I got comfortable enough to sleep though, and I did.
          Yesterday, I was taken to the hospital.
    I called to make an appointment to go see my doctor who never see's me, cause I don't need to go.
       On the phone I said I had chest pains; red flag; I was next thing I knew I was talking to a nurse , and then on my way to the E.R. Oh boy, just what I wanted to do, NOT!
          I just wanted to make sure I did not have pneumonia and that is what I did. But hey I was in and out in no time due to the fact that I had chest pains, oh boy.

           My family came through like real troopers. Mama, became the teacher, youngest became the cook and hubby was the great comforter ready to do whatever needed to be done. It was great and I am better for it.

        I am still coughing and I am still recovering, and I normally do not get sick, so all to say,
 "I love my Hero's".

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Young scholars field trip
As my last post was some time ago, I don't think that there was even a title, due to the sickness in me( I fixed it now :~). I didn't even think of the title.
Well today I am a bit better than I have been all week. I don't remember the last time I actually had the flu. I have been ill along with my grand-daughter.
Last weekend. we went to a field trip to the Post Office, then off to a small group meeting and combined park day for the children.
OKAY enough mail for one day!
So she went off to her daddy's family and I had the rest of the weekend to tackle.
 Friday night, my husband and I went to Barnes and Noble and purchased a Nook book, as a early birthday gift for him.
Then on Saturday, after he played with the nook and I had to many thing to accomplish before going to a friends husbands funeral. I was tried before I even went. But hey, it was so great to hear that the Lord was waiting for him to arrive to his eternal home in heaven.
It was good to see so many quilter's supporting her and suppling the reception with foods. And there was plenty.
Has I got home that evening, we had to do some more shopping, running around, because my garbage disposal was dust, as well as the blender. So needless to say, it was late before I was able to sit down to rest only to get up the next morning to to go to Sunday service and to serve in Children's Ministry.
 As I was starting to leave my youngest daughter was leaving and called me. We visited a bit and then she ended up coming to spend the day with me. She was recovering from having a cold.
Late that night I took her home to her grandmothers home and came home to crash and burn. Not realizing that I was really going to crash two days later.
On Tuesday morning I had a rough cough. Wow, where did that come from, I had wondered. It hurt. Punkin came to school with a head ache and before the day was over she had a fever of almost 102*.
Wednesday we didn't have school. She stayed home and I just kind of relaxed. But by the end of Thursday, I was just a wreck. I was not able to sleep in my bed on Wednesday, because I could stop coughing. I even tried the Vicks vapor rub on the bottom of my feet with socks on. I knew I had to let my husband sleep so he could go to work. I ended up in a chair, up-right.
Thursday, I slept in my bed almost upright. I could not believe the dreams I had. The heat I was producing within my body was over whelming. Hot spot all night long, but I made myself go as long as possible. It must have been about 4:00am , when I finally could not take the pain in my head any longer and got up to take some Tylenol. Talk about breaking a fever. I woke two hours later to a soaked bed. I thought I had just got out of a pool with a t-shirt on. The bed sheets clung to me like I had. I didn't know what to think, except that I had slept.
First things first was to change into dry clothes, then strip the bed and get the sheets washed.
Punkin was coming to school today, just like yesterday, but wow, did we ever have a laid back school week. But thats why we home school. If by chance things are not so good, we can do that. Sure we read our daily devotional, and did a little bit of book work, but not to much cause we were not all together well. Friday, was different too. We did our devotional and we read a bit, but then we watched the Sound of Music, and read American Girls story, Felicity. We talked about the times tables and we enjoyed just being together, while it rained and was cold outside.
Wow what a week. I am still recovering from this yuck of something. I have had three nights of wet sheets now, just not to the extent of the first time. I still have the ever ugly sounding croup cough that hurts, and I still don't have the strength to sew or make orange marmalade, but I am better.
Orange Marmalade with blood
oranges from a friend.

I can not stand to just sit or lay around, but I have had the time to read a book call 'Candle in the Darkness' , by Lynn Austin.
Just a bit of history in a novel, about the days of the Civil War.
So to say the least , hope all is well on the other side of the fence, and that to know I still have another day to recover from this  is reassuring, Tomorrow is Presidents day and there is no school .

Small Group meeting/ Park day
passing out valentine's