Friday, February 4, 2011

February Friday, Whew...

    Finally it's Friday. Oh my, has it been a week of trying. Testing really could be said.

We had a different Monday, and then Tuesday I think was a blur,
 and Wednesday we had to get a birthday card ready for a Thursday evening dinner with daddy.

So today after tests and struggles of being with daddy last night and getting ready to get going to his house again for the weekend, OH MY......

WE made it with putting a Rain Forest puzzle together at almost the end of the day.

 And now I am relaxing and dreaming of the things I will possibly do this weekend.
Clean house, :(

Pull weeds, :(
 although it could be good to get out if it is not to cold.

Rearrange the spare apt, that was our original classroom, (before it got too cold).

Read, and read some more,

Do my woman's bible study, ; /

Sew....   :)

Lot's of options and everything really could use a touch, of something.
I guess I'll wait to see what the morning brings and decide then.

Until then, I think I'll continue to relax.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why I live here

               I live where we do, because I do not like to be cold.

Because it almost always is sunny, at least part of the day,

Because I need sun shine,

because I like to have green plants almost all year around,

because I like to drive with out ice on the roads, and
because the mountains and the beach are about the same distance away and I can see the mountains with the snow on them without having to go there.

Because there are fewer bugs here, that fly around your head or crawl between your toes, or sneak in your bed.

Because I don't want toads on my porch swing, or snakes in my pool.

because I need Sunshine, and Because I do not like to be cold.

       Today, I had to go outside and sit in a lawn chair in the sunshine to be warm, cause my house was cooler than I wanted to be. 

But it was great outside and that is where we did better in school today.

Monday, January 31, 2011

No Bath Monday

                 It was a different kind of a Monday, not like most we experience here @everest ranch. We had are bible devotional time, with mom on the side listening. We didn't take our ever cleansing, over all rejuvenating, iniquity relieving, bath.(This is some of the most needed stuff on a Monday morning).

           We jumped right in and began even while mom was still here. But it was not the best day, just
          Why you might ask. I was able to sew while the little one was doing Handwriting and Math. Yes, I was sewing on my never ending scrappy quilt that I have been working on for months.
Today I was able to sew strips together for four patches. Maybe, some day I will be able to do some more, while being a home school teacher again.

          Piano lesson two was today also and she was ready, Yeah!

  It was a good Monday, but I wonder what a refreshing bath would have done for her?