Friday, January 28, 2011

Sound of Music

            Today was one of the besets homeschool days yet.

    We went to see the play, "The Sound of Music". And it was delightful. Punkin enjoyed it very much. The singing was right up there with the original play. It was great.

     We did our spelling test and Bible memory verse test while standing in line. We talked of the circumstances of the plot of the play with the times of the war, so we touched on history.

In the play they quoted scripture from the bible, and the examples of Faith in the Lord was touched on.
     It showed how if you learn and then practice what you've learned, you become very good at it, and people admire you. There was a lot to see and experience in the play.

It made me want to sit down and watch the movie again.

 I have always enjoyed the movie anyway, but to many things to do keep from sitting that long to veg.

Anyway, Check it out this weekend or when you have the chance. It was excellent.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I was given a new plant today called Kalanchoe.
I was told to observe it and take notes on it. So I googled it and found out all kinds of stuff about this little guy. They say it is easy to take of and doesn't take much to keep it happy.
This is so kind of my friend to give me this science project to do. Some thing Punkin and I can do.
This is a succulent and it is pretty.

What do you think of it?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This was one of the better days of this year as far as productivity goes.

           Punkin stayed the night so she was on time for school.
   My youngest daughter had a successful job interview. Then came by to help me try to make Orange Marmalade. I say try because last year every batch I tried to make turned out to be syrup.
       She also showed a new dish that I had not had before.
And I made home-made Pumpernickel bread.

   Punkin was up and ready for oatmeal and toast by 7:30am and we were doing our daily bible reading by 8:30 and we even finished school by 2:30. Okay we did yesterday also,but two days in a row. I adjust stoked.

      My daughter came by right after her interview and we had lunch and then began the process of making the Orange Marmalade.
  Of course we read the recipe and still didn't do as it said. We added the sugar right away and we were supposed to wait about 40 minutes, whoops.

     But I think we may have actually succeeded this year. I believe it will be marmalade and not rock candy like my husband and I made several years ago. It is a little darker than my girl friends that used the same recipe from Food Network, Alton Brown's. But tomorrow I am going to open up one of the jars and try it.

   So after we finished making the jam, we made Tilapia with sweet potatoes and yams and steamed vegetables.
    The Tilapia, was fried with olive oil rubbed on it with herbs sprinkled on each one. The potatoes/ yams were pressured cooked with orange juice and brown sugar. And this became a syrup to pour over them in the end.

We had a very enjoyable meal with good company and it didn't take all day or night.

It was a very productive day and now I can relax.

Love It......

Monday, January 24, 2011

lila tueller designs: It's Giveaway Time again!

lila tueller designs: It's Giveaway Time again!
This is sweet stuff.
Go to her site and check it out.

Learn to Play...

Today is the first day of Piano Lessons (keyboard will work says teacher).

This was a great day and we did well for a Monday.

Back some time ago, My girl friend invited us to dinner. She said "Bring Punkin". So we went to dinner and had a wonderful meal.

But while we were there, Punkin sat down in front of the piano and began to stroke the keys. Not pound, but gently fingering them. That was when I thought ,' This may be the ticket '. To what I don't know as of today but, whatever.
Anyway, after rolling it around and then talking about it to my husband, we decided to purchase a key board for her for Christmas. We did and she was shocked. So was her mommy.

Any way my friend was /is a music teach also. Today the lessons began.
  I can only imagine where this may lead, but I will trust it to the Lord. It could be nothing if it is up to me, cause I could botch it up, but the wonder of the Lord could bring about some glorious surprises.

 We will see. Of course it won't be today, but time can tell and then that is when I will.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Playing Hard

This weekend I was at a Quilt Show called "Road to California". It was great to see so many faces and try to place where I have seen or know them from. So many were doing the same . "Oh Hi", with the look in their eyes of 'where do I know you from'.

 Quilters are some of the sweetest people I have ever met. But you get them all together in a place like this and some can be done right rude.

Although, I thank the Lord for the calm disposition He gave me this weekend. I just smiled and said 'Thank you'  when the transaction for their purchase was complete. We did good though. Man can women spend money. They whip their money and cards out like a cowboy with his six shooter. Some count every penny and wonder why it cost so much, while others never blink an eye at the total. Wow!!!
There were times where all I did was ring purchases and take cards and money for hours, never seeing an end to the line. At the end of the first day , I was wondering if maybe I was slow, but almost ten thousand dollars at the end told me "NO". On the second day which was Friday, I didn't move for fours hours except for the upper part of the body. No I was not sitting, but I was stuck to the place where people pay. And over ten thousand told me I wasn't to bad that day either.
Yes women can spend. And this stuff is for their therapy. It keeps the home happy.
I had a really good time and was so glad at the end of each day. knowing that I was sleeping in my own bed.

 There were a few times the last day
where we were able to take a breather and a potty break with out having to rush.

These are a few that I liked as I was able to walk through the show before the doors opened to the crowds.

 Eleven bus loads on Thursday, nine on Friday and eleven more on Saturday. Yes we ran out of stuff. But that did not stop them from making their final purchases up until the end of the show on Sunday.

 The Birds are still on the road for yet another show in Phoenix and then on their way home. But this is how they survive and make a living, I just did it for the weekend. Whew, don't think I could do that all the time. But I was glad to be able to play, it was fun.

close up shot of just a really cute quilt pattern
love this .

Over all I had fun and am glad to go back to the home life. 

Yes I found something  to buy myself. A Flannel quilt kit in green. Maywood Studios flannels are the best in my book. This kit has everything to finish a 62"x77" lap size, everything, except the batting. I am ready. I haven't bought fabric to make a quilt in over two years. I have been using my stash. So I gave in. It was a great deal. And my best friend told me that I earned it,  so buy it.  
  I love my best friend.