Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Semester Vocab. test

We started out this year doing vocabulary words on 3x5 cards. My youngest daughter came up with this idea and I love it. It has worked.

 Every week we would do three to four words. At the end of the week the student had to match the meaning to the definition. Almost every week she did very well. Some weeks went into two. But the meaning was beginning to stick in the mind. At the end of the first quarter we took the words and did a small test with all of them.

This week we are ending our second quarter and we are doing all of them. We have been going over them for two weeks now. I really hope that she holds the understanding of these words forever. They are not really second grade words but okay so we stretched her a bit. They all came out of her reading text, somewhere. Any way I will be away the next few days and hope that when I get back to school I see an A+ on the test score.
Mom will give the test.

 Good Luck    Punkin,   you go girl....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January Days

It was a great day.

                        The weather was in the low eighties and the skies were blue and we were in shorts. Love being in the sun in January. It isn't really hot and it just warms me up inside. Love it!
bright natural lighting

   We were able to be outside doing our school work.

    Reading about fairies and hide and seek, imagining playing it ourselves.

   The joy of freedom from the four
walls of a class room, is so relaxing.

     Having lunch in the great out doors with the animals on the ranch.
     Even if they only get the left-overs.

 Then to top off the day with a sewing project. Oh my favorite subject, SEWING. We made a cell phone -over the shoulder- bag and a hide in purse-snack bag.
This is great. We had a good time.
 I tried a new to be released pattern and Punkin designed and made me a snack bag. So this weekend while I am at 'Road to California Quilt Show', I can take some snacks in my purse where they won't be seen by the security.
  I will be working for one of the vendors and won't be able to get away for lunch. Besides it will be pricy.  So now I won't be hungry and PECKISH.
All things work together for those who love the Lord and are called for His purpose.