Friday, January 7, 2011

Tough times

      So we are going thru our day doing our studies and we are laughing, when all of a sudden, back she goes and I can not stop her. She hits her head and then it comes. The crying. Oh my, what do I do.                      

 I grab her up from under her stool and there is blood. Where is it coming from . "Run to the bathroom", I tell her. Like right, run? Well we get to the bathroom and I tell her to close her eyes so she doesn't see all the blood coming out of her mouth. I am rinsing her mouth out hoping no teeth are going to go down the drain. As time goes by I can see it is not her teeth, Thank the Lord. But is it her nose?  No.  She has a pretty good bite in her bottom lip though. We put gauze in between the bottom lip and her teeth.
         So we go back to the classroom and I try to get her focus on something other than the pain, and I keep seeing the gauze in her mouth getting redder and redder.
  All of a sudden I become very dizzy and remember that I faint at the site of blood. So we have to go back to the bathroom and change the gauze, as well as allow me to sit down, before I fall down. She see's me go very pale and gives me a big hug for comfort. That's my girl. Take care of the big baby.
We ended the day early.( One of her spelling words this week. In fact the only one she miss spelled.)
 But we read "Molly Saves the Day" until mommy got here. It was still somewhat bleeding up to at least a half a hour.
I am so 'Thankful" for the strength of the Lord for He is the one who was totally in control.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

On Time..

      Some times it takes a kick in the pants to get started. Yesterday I got it and today it helped. My Star student- Punkin,(grand-daughter) was on time and fed when she arrived for school this morning.
  As I stated yesterday, I told them school was over at four and any undone seat work would be homework. So today, they were here at 8:00 am and ready to hit the books. I  was amazed. Also today, I put a note card with the word Craft in front of her and she was done by 3:30 and had two bike ride breaks and lunch break, snack break and work for the day finished. She ended up wanting to ride her bike until 4:00 and I was okay with that. Clean up was then a breeze.
  I do not know why everyone can say that their days are over in four hours. Ours are forever long, but they are getting better with attitudes and that's okay with me too, for now.

 The Lord is so good. I love days like this.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Fresh Start

       So today was our first day back to school. Home-school that is.
   As I was doing my daily reading with my lord. I asked Him what must I do to do this teaching thing right with good results.
   He reminded me of Isaiah 41:9c-10. 'I have chosen you and not rejected you. Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.' And then in verse 13 of the same chapter He say's, "For I am the LORD your God, who upholds your right hand, Who says to you, "Do not fear, I will help you.' "   I love it. He is so good....

    So as I started my day, He gave me the thought to not go beyond 4:00 in the afternoon. Since school started in September, we have very long days. My grand-daughter has no sense of urgency in anything. Time is like "What is that". She dilly-dallies . She is not dumb in any sense of the word, but SLOW. Oh my, is she slow. Just plain not in a hurry at all.
So this morning after her mommy brought her a hour late. I explained to her that anything that did not get done before 4:00 would be homework. Then at that time she would have to deal with her mommy being a teacher at night. Oh she didn't think mommy would like that. So she seemed to not dilly-dally as long today. It was a great day. We really did miss each other over the two week break.
 Of course at the end of the day is when I told her mommy the new rules and maybe that may get her to bring the child on time. That is when my grand-daughter decided to want to do a craft,. I had to tell her that comes when she has done her required work in the school hours of the day. She just may have got the idea. We will see what tomorrow brings.

We did take a 30 minute Key board break though. We got it for her for Christmas and she has not been able to play it since Christmas day. She was at her moms and then her dads. So today was a fresh start and we enjoyed it.

           This morning I found a young finch at the bottom of the avery. It was so cold I brought in to try to keep it alive. It wasn't doing well and I just felt sorry for it out there.
                  This is the first time Punkin has ever held a real bird. 

She was hoping for it to be her new bird, but after it drank a few sips of water and hopped around a bit, it went to birdie heaven.
At least we tried and she was able to hold it.
Made her day.