Thursday, December 22, 2011

More Done

I can not believe I have not posted that I finished another quilt top this year. I wish I could have been this productive all year.
As I stated in an earlier post, I hoped to finish another  top before the end of this year, and I did. It is in flannels from Maywood Studios. Lovely to work with.
Not only did I complete the top, I have started another one. Whoohoo...
I also made an apron upon request for a customer who wanted to have that special gift for her wonderful mother-in-law. So I don't have a lot of time to sit and chit chat, because I need to get to my next project while I can.

something to hold it together in the back
yet it slides.
We are on Christmas break, and we are enJOYing it.

Are you enjoying your Christmas holiday season?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Harvest Christmas Concert

Just want to share a great concert with you all. Sit back with your favorite brew and a cozy quilt, turn up the volume and sit awhile, all the while,

Friday, December 9, 2011

Surprise Mystery Finished(top)

  I am sooo happy to say that I have finished another quilt top, this year.
Some may say "so what", and others may say, "is that all"?.
But I say "Whoohoo"!.

 I wanted to do the jelly roll mystery , but was so far behind that I waited to get all the directions and then went at it. Of course for "Therapy".  I cannot say it is a finished quilt because it needs to be quilted, but as to date, I have finished One completed quilt for my daughter as a wedding gift and two quilt tops.
I have also started another one.
Where has this year gone.
Homeschooling my grand-daughter has taken up much of my time and then there was the spring/ summer vegetable gardens. Nearing the end was a wedding and of course the dailies we run into. Wow. 2011 is just about over and I hope I can get another quilt top done.
If not I have all next year right?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Who Gives This Bride?

I am over whelmed with emotions. I can only Thank the Lord for all He has done in this last month. Really all my life.
Life has been like a whirl wind, and yet calm. Is that like the eye in the storm?
Not sure how to take that.
I lost my youngest daughter to her father several years ago, when life was, well what I had made it.
I tried to go back and change things, but the courts and money spoke louder that I could.
I sat on the side lines for along time, waiting.
Two years ago, my baby girl began to draw close to me when she decided to travel in a mission trip. She was gone eleven months and traveled over eleven countries. While I sat waiting for her everyday, to see or chat with her thru Skype.

World Race Team girls
Turkey, I think

Baptism in the Jordan River
praying with little one in Uganda
Enjoying Egypt
Returning home to USA

 I prayed over and for her at all times. More than I had ever prayed. I had others praying for her, and for our relationship.
This last year we did bible studies together and sewed up tons of bags together.
This last weekend, she got married to a wonderful guy. 

Getting all dolled up

Going for First Look pictures

Bridle Party

Flower girls

Proud mom

Happy Couple on their first dance as
Mr. & Mrs. Smith


My baby all grown up

World Racer George Washington III

World Race girls

My Favorite, Mikee

"Her Mother's and I do !"

First kiss as MR. & MRS.

It is so hard to let her go again, and yet I didn't shed a tear until today. Knowing that she really is not mine, but the Lords and He has done all this for his Glory.

I don't want to go on because I don't want to cry anymore, tears of lose. I only want to remember the good times. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Money Dance Apron

My daughter is getting married and We decided to make her a MONEY DANCE APRON.
This is so her beautiful dress will remain a beauty.

back bow

It will be better looking over her dress

pocket for $$$

She had a vision and we accomplished the task this afternoon. Again so many things to do in so little time.

What Do We Tell Them

Spend time with friends 
I understand that not everyday can be the perfect day, and by all means yesterday was not one of them.
We went to a required mall group meeting (SGM) for our homeschool.
We decided to join the day time group so that Punkin could meet more children her school age.
And well yesterday, we went.
Only to have to leave very early.
Why, one may ask. Punkin was bitten by a cat. Who's? How? Why?
All these questions I can not answer. She was playing on the playground one minute and screaming,
"I have a hole in my arm , Grama", the next.
I don't have pictures to show you because she didn't want me to take any.
When is it that as we walk out the door in the morning that we tell our loved ones, "Be careful and don't pet any stray animals today"?
I have been telling her all her life not to get in dogs faces. She loves animals, but they do not love her.
How do you get that through a young child's mind?
 I don't know if this experience will even help her to learn, why.
I will say this though. The Lord moves...
We were 20 miles away from the hospital, and were there in 14 minutes. And we were in and out with in the hour.
Cat bites are nasty, and have 85% chance of causing  infection.
She a few scratches and a tiny hole on the upper side of her fore arm and a little bit bigger hole on the under side. Doctor said to take antibiotics for 10 days and keep it  uncovered.
So that is what is happening. We will see her again Monday morning with hopes of a good result.

On another note, I am working on a quilt for the possible In-laws.
 I got the directions from Cindy Carters, Jelly Roll Mystery Quilt 2011, but didn't get to it in time. So with all that is going on in my crazy part of the world, I decided to put a little something together.
I am using Bali Pops. And not doing so much cutting.
But I have had to draw a stitching line on all of them because they are not true 2.5" strips. Ug.

Anyway, I know I can not get this done before the wedding that is in two weeks from today, but maybe by Christmas? I don't know. So much to do in so little time.
Like what do I tell them?