Saturday, January 1, 2011


A new day in a new year.
    Time , what a precious gift yet so much of it is wasted. As I talked to my brother this morning we talked about time. I have this subject come up a lot  lately.
    Time can not be saved. It can not be redeemed. It can not be be built up. It is what it is when it is. It is forever ticking and always going and each day has enough to make it a day. No more no less. Once today is over. The time is gone. Cannot save any part of yesterday's time for tomorrow. It is today's allotted time and that is it.
  So yesterday was last year and those things are now history in time. I feel like I wasted time because I sat and watched The Lord of The Rings Trilogy. I have not sat for so long in what it seems like forever. I do not watch television. And I haven't seen a movie in probably 6 months or more. But yesterday, my husband and I watched his favorite movies. He just loves the books really.
But wow, what a waste of time, if I was to do that every day or even once a week. I have other things to do. But that is how I took out the old year.

Today has been quiet different. Although not what I wished it could have been.
    Tried to sew on my scrappy quilt, but after baking oatmeal raisin cookies and preparing a pot roast in the crock pot, I read and took a little nap.
Now back to the second to the last book, Armageddon, of The Left Behind series. Almost done with it and the celebration of The Glorious Appearing,The end of Days, and then I will enjoy Joel Rosenbergs',
The Twelfth Imam.

    So I have no more time this evening to blog, I need to go and read so as to enjoy all the books I can read in the time I have here.
    Until next time, ....happy reading

Friday, December 31, 2010


       Okay so 28* is freezing here where we are. My birds water dish was frozen on top. I have Zebra finch in an avery.  The pipes needed to have water ran thru them a bit to keep from breaking and my chickens were fine, Thank the Lord.
     Cold, yes we are cold here and yet in the home we have a fire burning in the fire place and the little dog has her sweat-shirt on, and the coffee is brewing, again.
     Last day of 2010 and we are counting our blessings still. The Lord is so good and we acknowledge that it is all of His provisions that keeps us here where we are, today.
   Maybe I'll post more later, but I feel the need to bake cookies and maybe Snuggle with a book or sit with my husband and watch The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Who knows, sewing sounds wonderful too, but doesn't look promising.
 Happy New Year .....

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Bride of Christ..

      Today I went to the year end Koinonia of my summer Thursday bible study group. The theme was "The Bride of Christ". We all dressed in black and white and we were to choose a Covenant Promise scripture to share. We could wear veils if we wanted to and had them. We were to bring our favorite appetizer, and bring our favorite wedding picture.
    I arrived at least a half an hour early. Thought I was only 15 minutes. But it just prepared me for the day.

    The setting was beautiful. The food everyone brought was fabulous and in abundance. The ladies arrived in mostly black and with veils. It was great fun.
   The photos were view by all and of course mine was in a photo album of our trip to Israel, where we got married on The Mount of Beatitudes. It caused questions but it was all good.
   We all got a number that was on the back of a poker chip. I was 4. Okay. Wow, I really like the #3. But oh well. So we all fellowship like a bunch of hens in a hen house. lots of laughter and cameras flashing.
  We began the worship with a poem and then singing. Soon to share our Covenant Promise. I had chosen Romans 8:38-39.
We learned that we would read our scripture to the person with the next # and that would be ours. Wow, I would get #3 after all and I received    2 Corinthians 11:2. Another wow. I love what the Lord has promised me in this scripture and as each woman received what the Lord had ordained, it was great to see how it fit perfectly. The Lord is so good.
    I had a great time and ate to much good food and was full of the Spirit of the Lord .
 I love days like this.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Playing in the house..

Today, We ( Alex and I ) played in my sewing room. We chatted and sewed and ironed and laughed, all the while it was raining outside. It was a great day for this quilters' playhouse.
 Next week we go back to homeschooling and not so much sewing. But we will still be in the sewing room. It is all together , sooo maybe I will be able to continue to work on that scrappy quilt that is using up most of my scraps.
I made an apron last night and will upload a picture later. As for now I want to go read and see if I can't finish another book before the end of the week.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


             I have been trying to use up my stash for almost two years now. I have only been purchasing the fabric needed for the backs of my quilts.

    Now I am making aprons. I won't have to purchase backs, plus I can give them away faster. Maybe even sell a few. They are not as costly to others as a quilt would be.
 They are user friendly and every one needs to be in the kitchen once in awhile. Home made taco's or chocolate chip cookies. Protect your clothes and wear a cute apron.

I have made many but in my spare time I reformatted my camera disk( not knowing what I was doing) and cleared it out of over two months worth of memories never to be shared.
But hey, there's always tomorrow to make more. I also know not to repeat a bad mistake.
   So until next time, happy sewing.....