Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Blessings

doll bed and pillow and quilt
We had a wonderful day today. We, my husband and I spent the day relaxing. We tinkered and waited for my grand-daughter to arrive to open her Christmas gifts. Not many.  Some home-made.The doll bed and blanket and sheet and pillow. Oh so cute.
  We laughed and Papa just kept getting another gift. He had no idea. 6 books in all. Just heard him say that he just blew threw 5 chapters, unstoppable. I guess he really likes at least one of them. That is a good thing.
This is the first Christmas we have really celebrated since 1993. Wow... Don't ask, just wow.
It was great. Spent yesterday with one of my daughters helping out serving the Lord by volunteering at Los Angeles Mission. And then today seeing my other daughter laugh.
My grand-daughter got gifts from everyone she knows. She got two  bikes and boots, jewelry, books and clothes, and Barbies and doll bake sets and a Key board. (Hope she will open up to a desire to worship in music. We will see. If that is where the Lord wants her, I hope we have provided the tool to start it). She had a good Christmas.
jumping up & down with joy

  Okay, with all this said, I need some more rest. Have to be ready to serve in Children Ministry tomorrow morning.

Visions of Los Angeles

Wow, I was so open to serve the Lord and That I did. Went to Los Angeles Mission yesterday and helped out at their Christmas dinner function. My daughter and her boy-friend were going and I have always wanted to do something like serving the needy. This was my opportunity. I had a ride and a place to go. I was ready by 6:45am. Waiting for my ride to pick me up, seeing as I do not drive if I do not have to. Arrived in L.A. with the cool of the morning and the Toy District still not even opened all the way. People already waiting outside the mission for their freebie things. We were in charge of the give away jackets. There were pallets of these boxes of jackets and there were sizes from children's XS to MXL. Of course everyone wanted the MXL. We had to be diplomatic about who got what by sizing them up, why you might ask. Well there were many more children sizes than mens and then very few MXL. Some wanted to take them even if it didn't fit them, they would give it to their family someone. Very few didn't take them because they would not fit them. I smiled a lot and seemed to call everyone 'sweetie' or 'hon'. The weather was very nice, sun was shining and warm. I believe I may have got a slight tan from the left side of my face.
Seen celebrities that I didn't know, were celebrities. Saw a character in my daughter that made me laugh inside, cause I seen and heard 'Me'. And Time flew by. Before I knew it it was 2:30 pm and I don't think I was ready to go, but my team-mates (daughter and boy-friend) were. So we left the others holding down the fort. so to speak.
The people I had seen I still can not wash from my sights. Not that I wish I could or even trying to. I just keep seeing them go by, in want, in need, in hopes. I just keep seeing them and yet there is no face really. They are all the same type and seem to carry themselves the same way and are okay with it.
    I am in awe at how BLESSED I am. I am still 'Thanking the LORD' for the many blessings His has poured out on me and my family and loved one's. I am in a warm home, with clean sheets on a real bed. I have a pillow and heat in my home that allows me to be comfortable and I have food that I cooked in my kitchen with my dishes and it is all clean. I am so blessed and I know it. There are people who don't have much that they can call their own and they sleep on the dirty streets of L.A. and beg for what ever they have and take whatever hand outs others are willing to give them and they are cold. But tonight they may have a jacket that I handed them yesterday. No I did not give it to them. The jackets were donated by someone else. I do not know who, but I did hand it to them and some took it and were thankful.
Needless to say, at the end of the day, I was exhausted. I was pooped out and Oh So Thankful that I had my pillow in my home with my warm bed to sleep comfortably in and I did.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Prep work

            So tonight I need to prepare myself for service tomorrow. I have volunteered to serve at a mission in L.A. tomorrow.
  I have always wanted to serve the Lord by serving others and this year, I am doing it.  I have no idea what I will be doing and that kind of is not me so there I am stepping outside my box. But I am not the one driving there so I think I will be okay. I usually need to know in advance what is happening and at this time, the only thing I know is that I am signed to go and serve. May prove to be very interesting.
  I prayed this year for the Lord to use me in sharing the truth about Him and serving Him. If this is part of the answer, I am not going to question Him about it. I am just going to rely on Him to carry me through.
   He has blessed me in ways that I could never explain, so I don't question it either.
So until tomorrow.....

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rainy Day feeling...

Okay so today I couldn't help but have that rainy day feeling, again.  Some may know that it has been raining since Sunday here and we don't usually have days like this. We may get a sprinkle here and there and sometimes a bit of real rain. But Rain that just keeps coming down and really has nowhere to go except down. Down that is in the dry soil and bedrock. I thought we may get a lake out back if it didn't stop soon. Then just like that it did. But a bit later it just let loose, The heavens I mean and it came down in buckets. And then stopped again. I think it may be over for now, here in these parts anyway.
Mama said there would be days like this and I can not remember too many of them as it was today and yesterday, but we needed it and I pray it is not all we get this season. Lord know we can use more .
Days like this causes one to go to their stash of fabrics and pull them out and start sewing. So that is what I did. Started to sew on a scrappy quilt I cut scraps for a few weeks ago. Been saving scraps since the late 90's. Found a really good pattern that I can use lots of them on and now we are in business. I think it's like a scrappy Buck-Eye Beauty. Hey and I like scrappy. It keeps the eyes moving. Anyway lots of pinning and then some stitching and of course trimming up and squaring up and we should have a really cool quilt in about three months. Quilt top possibly if nothing else. I'll see how far I get with it before we go back to school.

In the mean time, it's time to go read.....

Quilters' Playhouse: new day,more rain

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New to this....

I am so new to this that It is scary that I am doing it, So I thought I would give it a go. It is almost Christmas and 32 years ago today,would have been my daddy's 44th birthday, which you do the math would make him ?
This is the first Christmas since 1993 that I have a Christmas tree in my home. My oldest daughter came home in 2007 and brought hers here so that my grand-daughter could have one but it was theirs. This year my youngest daughter, bought me one that is about three feet tall and covered in lights. I am enjoying it and it will be around till the end of my time, I figure.
Rain and still more rain has been falling for a few days now. We can use it that's for sure. Great way to water all my gardens.
As of today, we have received 5 eggs from our chickens that we purchased in October. I am so happy about it too. Fresh eggs and free range, YES!!! Makes for a great omelet that I can put my fresh grown chilies and bell peppers in.

Made a apron for a Christmas gift that someone else is giving to someone else. Yet I had picked out the fabric not five minutes before I got the call to make an apron. Okay...
Two days ago I dreamed of someone calling me from jail because of bad choices, and today I received the call to warn me of that someone possibly going to jail for bad choices....
The Lord is definitely working and I am witnessing it.
Well I think this is enough for the first time, except to say, I love to see how the Lord works.
Quilters' Playhouse: new day,more rain: "Still raining, and enjoying the quiet time with it."