Saturday, March 7, 2015

Wip's be done again

Well I was able to get another special order finished
and a have it ready to send to my friend.

I wish I could do more, but time just does not permit it.
Just wanted to add to Angie's blog.
She has so many wonderful people sharing their eye candy.

Hope you have time to finish your things to do. What might they be?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wips After a Long Week

Well last weekend My daughter got married,

chiilin on his slider
so I took care of the little one while they went away.

I finally got back in my sewing room.

I was able to make this.

The work was me waiting for this great celebration of being united as one. Thank the Lord, Amen.


Friday, February 13, 2015

WIP- Recycled

I know this is not fabric but it is for my sewing room and I have to share.
I took this old entertainment center I have been storing for my daughter for ten years, thinking, someday.
Last week became 'Someday' and I turned it into a storage for machines and what nots.
Still have to move things around to make Great use of it.
But it is now mine and in my favorite color- Green.
It will be very handy.
That is some of my WIP's this week, but check out  Angie at quiltingreadersgarden. She has been busy.
just needs to be cleaned and painted

shelves to be inserted where needed


What are you working on?

Green and in place

Friday, February 6, 2015

WIP is Going...

teaching grandson sewing
Well I didn't meet my goal trying to post every week with WIP's be gone, but I did work on a couple.
Between wallets, curtains, pouches and pants. I managed to finish something.
Hope you like it.
jewelry satchel
dragonflies on outside brocade 
Not sure if I want to compete with others out the in the world with their beautiful jewelry satchels or not.
Have a great weekend and have fun on those WIP's you are working on.
Check out Angie's over at A Quilting Reader's Garden.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

WIP-4 / Road to California Quilt Festival 2015

Okay, I went and I had a really good time. Perused the aisle at my pace and visited many quilting friends through out the day.
I did purchase fabrics for up coming WIPs that I will turn into wallets for sale in my shop.
WIP by tent maker from Cairo
Watched the tent maker speedily work his magic at appliqué and boy was he fast and good. Raw cuts as he went and flying hands with the thread and needle. 'WOW', was really all I could say.

Beautiful quilts and lots of shopping and memories made, again.
I love the show.



Cairo Tentmakers works

more beautiful works all done by hand
Thanks to Angie, for allowing me to link to her WIPs over at http://quiltingreadersgarden.
How are your plans going for your project?

You know your a Quilter when….
there is more fabric in your house than food.
you learn to quilt and forget how to cook.
you stay up way past your bedtime to sew 'One more set'.
you think your chores are an interruption to your quilting.
you have more projects planned than ten lifetimes.
you clean your sewing room and everyone thinks your leaving.
your idea of heaven is quilting with friends.

I come very close to being a true quilter.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


minke and dots
I know this is a challenge for me, to keep the WIP's going as well as sharing them as they progress. Thanks to Angie over at, I am reminded and inspired to keep at this. Only time will tell how well I do. And time is an issue.
bumper pad ties
Juggling the family responsibilities and the out of home job as well as my Etsy shop, I find very little time to blog. But I am going to do my best to share with you what I am working on.

crib pad and skirt is ready

blanket for Madison that goes with the pads

it is finished, yay!
This belongs to my newest grand baby Madison.

How are your WIP's coming along.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

WIP #2 Yay!

I am a little late on this but maybe I could say I am a little early. This was my grandson's baby quilt out of a panel and its companion fabric.
still on design wall

front view
back side

 I think it turned out okay, do you?


Saturday, January 3, 2015


I have been very busy with making wallets for my shop. No complaints. 
I feel like everyday, that I finish with one, I have finished a new quilt.
We quilters cut fabric up, sew it back together, quilt it and bind it right? 
Well, that is what I do with the wallets I make.
I make lil usable travel, fit in your purse, stuff all your precious articles size quilts, sort of.

Hope your work in progress is making you sing.
I love this kind of therapy.