Saturday, January 24, 2015

WIP-4 / Road to California Quilt Festival 2015

Okay, I went and I had a really good time. Perused the aisle at my pace and visited many quilting friends through out the day.
I did purchase fabrics for up coming WIPs that I will turn into wallets for sale in my shop.
WIP by tent maker from Cairo
Watched the tent maker speedily work his magic at appliqué and boy was he fast and good. Raw cuts as he went and flying hands with the thread and needle. 'WOW', was really all I could say.

Beautiful quilts and lots of shopping and memories made, again.
I love the show.



Cairo Tentmakers works

more beautiful works all done by hand
Thanks to Angie, for allowing me to link to her WIPs over at http://quiltingreadersgarden.
How are your plans going for your project?

You know your a Quilter when….
there is more fabric in your house than food.
you learn to quilt and forget how to cook.
you stay up way past your bedtime to sew 'One more set'.
you think your chores are an interruption to your quilting.
you have more projects planned than ten lifetimes.
you clean your sewing room and everyone thinks your leaving.
your idea of heaven is quilting with friends.

I come very close to being a true quilter.

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  1. Oh, My! What beauties. Wish I had time to go. Next year! Thanks for linking up to WIPs Be Gone, Judith. It's always good to see the progress.