Friday, July 8, 2011

Quilter's Wallet Treat

The time has come to prepare for our up coming quilting retreat.
I am able to go because of a very sweet friend of mine. I  have been sponsered and I have made a gift for her as a a THANK YOU !!!
The wallet is Pat-e-Pattern Designs, and kit. It is a great way to show someone they are special. My friend loves purple and so I made it in her favorite color.
I carry one myself and have made many others over the last few years.
The wallet takes three fat quarters to make it. The kit that you can purchase as well from the company makes it super to put together. It is not really a beginner project, but it could be if one really likes it and sews slow. The pattern is super easy to follow and has great pics to help you as you go. Some of us do better with visual. This pattern has it.
Hope you like what I have made, and maybe you will be inspired to make one too.Three fat quarters is all it takes.

Check out their site

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Therapy in Session

I know that it has been sometime since I last blogged, but I have been SEWING....
I have been sewing bags of various sizes and styles. Plus I have made a few aprons and Petite wallets, all so I could send them out for sale.
My daughter and I have been focusing on bags for World Racers in the mission field. The racers cover up to eleven countries in eleven months. This month they have a training camp being held and we have a great bag that goes over the shoulder and across the body. Back in the day we called them HOBO bags. Today my daughter calls it the 'Over the Shoulder bag'. We also have made what she had titled ' The Everything Bag'. It is like a large beach bag. And we have made the same style in smaller sizes.
If you can, check out and brows the different pages.
We have sold a few already before they were shipped out. That is exciting to us.
I also made some aprons and wallets to send to my sister who is holding a flee market spot in her town and we will see how that pans out. I am just really happy to be sewing this summer. I was not able to do much this last winter due to homeschooling, but hey, therapy is in progress.

I have been eating many things from the garden as well. Things like, zucchini, crooked neck(yellow) squash. Green and purple bell peppers and Fresno chilies. Jalapeno's and onions in salsa's and omelets.
We finally got our first tomato two days ago and there are many more to come. With eighteen tomato plants you would think so .....
Cucumber's are good and I had been making zucchini bread and putting it in the freezer, until this week when the temperature's are so high who can even think of turning the oven on, not me.

hope'nmotion co-founders

So I will try to write more often now that the rush of the big bag push is done but hey we will be putting some things on as well real soon so please check back often and see what else we will provide to you who want something of a one of a kind.