Thursday, June 9, 2011

Time is Slipping

Brandi, Punkin' & Bryan
Wow I cannot believe how long it has been since I have last blogged.
Time seems to be slipping away.
 I have almost finished my first year of homeschooling.
We went to KSGN 89.7 and met Brandi and Bryan, so much fun.

Also we had a small end of the year celebration with our small group from school and had a great day.

And I have been watching my vegetable garden flourish.

I have also, oh my I can't believe it, Sewn. Yes I did. I have sewn.
My daughter is going to a friends wedding and wanted a unique gift and with her creative mind she came up with the idea of taking the invitation and making a wall hanging out of it. So cute. So she cut all the pieces out and I, yes me, moi, sewed it together. I love that kind of thing too.
It is getting me excited about my sewing/ quilting retreat that I will be going on soon. Yippee!!!
Any way, I have been busy helping making bags for Hope'nmotiom because we need to have them ready to send to Georgia for sale at a World Race training camp.
I started a summer bible study again and have been so blessed already. Oh I am excited to see what the good Lord is going to do this summer. He is already speaking LOUDLY to me.
Today His message was to 'get out of the way, and let Him do the work' and trust that He will. Okay..
I want to be pleasing Him , that's all I want to do, walking worthy of the calling...
We have picked produce almost every day for the last week and enjoying it.
But now my chickens have slowed way down on giving us eggs. It's like two a day, and I am all about, "what's up?
Oh and my husband has joined the mission field in our church and will be going to Joplin to help for a few days. I just can't believe it. I am so proud of him. This is all new and out side his box. Can not wait, but have to, see what the Lord is going to do with him in this summer as well. I must say, 'The Lord is doing a mighty work here in our camp."

ninja & hula girl applique(20"square)
How's your home camp doing? Are you redeeming the time or is it slipping away?