Friday, May 6, 2011

1st Quilt done this Year...

I can not believe that I have not been sewing quilts this year due to the load I have put on my table.
I have been on a journey with my grand-daughter in homeschooling. This is a whole knew thing for me, as is this blogging. But anyway, I was on Easter break/ spring vacation and I was inspired with some of my stash. So I pulled out an old favorite pattern, "Yellow Brick Road" by Adkinson Designs and away I went cutting up the little pieces of fabrics that I have saved, for a someday project. This is the day that I have been looking for all year. I finished the quilt top and used up stash and am pleased with the results. As well as having it done with in a two week period and still teaching. An Amen to that.
The year is almost over and I am able to go on a retreat this summer with some friends who have been doing this now for a few years. but is has been made possible by a friend. God Bless her, Lois Thank you.
So with that said, I need to get with the work load that has a awaited me all afternoon. More gardening.

How many quilts have you completed this year so far?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Garden Blahhhs...

was basil
I feel like I am spinning my wheels and getting no where fast. Last week we had super strong winds for three days followed by  Hot heat. Now my plants have something eating them to nothings and if that isn't the pits, the ones that have survived have some terrible fungus. Blah blah blah, and more.
I cannot give up. I know it is trial and error, but can I get a break here. My garden is worse than the one in Eden. Sure it looks all nice until you have to work it. Then all the uglies come to the surface.
No, we didn't get hit with a Tsunami or floods or tornados, but by golly I have been hit with the garden blahs, and they are bad.
It has grown
Maybe things will look brighter in the morning.
this is gotten worse

corn has silks 
How is you garden so far?