Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Different Choices

I have had to make many different choices and some have not been easy, nor have they been correct.
Not to say that they were not of some sort of teaching. Although I may not have known they taught me for some time, like years.
But these choices have made me who I am today.
I know that some of the roads that I have traveled down have been very rough, but I still can say I have learned so much from these dusty travels. I may even be better from them as if the mud covered me so that I became super clean in the end. I do try to choose not to return to those puddles in the roads any more.

So now I have been trying to show my grand-daughter to make wise choices, in her young life. I want her to know that those different choices that we have the opportunity to make can make the difference along the way.
I believe that no matter what road we go down, we will still do what the Lord has planned for us. We just may not have to go through really tough times as we may. We can arrive to the same blessing without regrets and quilt.
I have to hang on to the Hope that I can train her up in the way she should go and when she is grown she will not depart.
The different choices that I make today will mold or help mold her into what the Lord has planned for her. I pray that I am obedient to His will. I cannot say this enough. I pray I hear that still small voice, in the direction in which I am instructed.
So with this all said. I have made the choice to continue to homeschool. We are in the last quarter and we have finished almost all that we started from the beginning. I am so happy of these things. I almost through in the towel in the earl days of this journey.
Last week I was able to make a bag for carrying bible study supplies, while my star student sewed by hand on a project she choose to make. We will work on that more on a later date.
We were able to work with beads this week and make Easter cards. All enjoyable. And this week will end with a sleep over surprise, followed by a parade and then a chance to see butterflies released to the wild.
I am excited to watch this happen. I may make the choice to either miss Growcology or be late.

 I am not sure, but either way , I hope it will prove to be a learning experience.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

April Showers.....?

I have been having a time for the garden. This last week we were to have a storm come through, but it didn't bring much but cold weather.

It was actually34* two days ago. I was worried that my tomatoes may have froze , but they were okay.
I have turned more dirt than I have ever can imagine.
I have had to buy dirt to fill my 'U' bed and it still is not filled. Whats a gardener to do. My compost is Hot though and we will have more(dirt)  soon, just not now.
So this last week I went to the garden to see if corn needed water and if chickens gave me any eggs and just relax a bit . I need to do that from time to time since I am homeschooling Punkin, and low and behold. I see a grasshopper on the ground. So I casually walk up as to not scare it and I step on its legs. Cool snack for the ladies (chickens). I go to pick it up and I had to pull on it. It was coming out of the ground. I was like, WHAT?
I tugged and out it came with this long thing attached to it. I am told it was laying eggs. I tell you it was gross.
I found another one today in the compost and hit it with a claw. Feed it to the ladies and found its long thing still in the compost pile. DISGUSTING!!!
But two munchers gone , sweet.
Anyway, this next week I am hoping to plant my sprouting seedlings. That will will be sweet. Summer garden here we come.

Salsa, and cucumber / tomato sandwiches.

I love it. It's better than tangerines and chess-its.