Thursday, March 31, 2011

Time to Dig

This time I wasn't digging in the dirt which I had done earlier in the day.
This was a different dig.
Last night I had to struggle to do my bible study last minute.
I do not like to do it that way because then I don't enjoy it and I don't have the time to dig.
Ladies who study Gods word 
I was so glad that it was short. Ten verses. Wow, yeah only ten.
1John 1:1-10. Yet I still didn't have nor take the time to dig. But how deep can one dig in ten verses.
Well today I was impressed on how deep one can go. We have some wonderful ladies who LOVE the LORD. They share what they get from Him on a regular basis. I am blessed to be able to hear what the Lord has for them to share with everyone in our group.
Of course, I will tell some, or at least one point that really stuck with me.
When we say we have fellowship with Him and yet we walk in the dark we lie and and do not practice the truth. 1John1:6.
This bothers me for a couple of reasons. I know people like this and I hope I am not like this.

Another thing that poked me today is....
Calling sin what it is. Not just sin, but as an example.... Gossip. And gossip doesn't have to be big but it goes so FAR....
Wonderful Women of God
Did you notice?....
Oh yeah I heard about that ....
Well they are going through some really hard times....
I call that LaShon Horah. Evil tongue.
This all can alter the way someone else see's a person and it can destroy a soul. It is evil in it's own way. Yet it may not be malicious at all.
Another example is anger, or instant bouts of rage.
I hate when I do this . I need to repent and not do these things , but I am human and I do and I have to repeatedly say I am sorry and try again.
Thank you God , Lord Jesus for the GRACE.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh my aching .....

amendments added after sifting
So today I added amendments to part of the raised "U"bed. I found out I need more Dirt than I have.
I live on a pretty good sized lot and I don't have enough dirt. What is wrong with this picture?
I need good soil for growing vegetables in. I don't have enough compost yet from my STASH.
STASH, isn't that a key word that We all have so much of that we don't know what to use it in.?

 (Oh wait that is in fabric terms for us quilters, which I think I still am?...)
Okay well this is dirt and I know we all have plenty of dirt but I need MORE.
never to young to learn
I can't even believe I want more dirt, but I do. I was thinking of how to get it with out it taking to long like compost and also not costing me an arm and a leg.
 I really need to think this one through.
On another note, tomorrow morning I have to make a trip to a friends house to get horse manure, and while I am away I need someone to sit at the homestead to wait for my worms that need to be signed for. Does all this sound nuts? I think it might and this is all so I can get more good DIRT.
corn 1 1/2 week apart in planting
Anyway, with all this said I did manage to get a few tomato plants in the "U"bed. We also planted some more corn in Punkin's plot. My daughter's boyfriend contributed to the ranch.
So this is how my community garden has begun.

Has yours been started?

Sunday, March 27, 2011


We were together all day my best friend and I. Today was his birthday.
I made him breakfast and and then sent him outside, where he loves to be when he's home and the weather is sweet. Today it was. Not hot and not cold. Cloudy and just right for working on the ranch.
Okay so it is a small ranch , but we love it.
He has been working since I guess Friday on a raised bed for me. His best friend.

Today after I turned four compost piles, I helped him build it. We are calling it the "U" bed.
It is huge really. Especially with nothing in it. But still. 104 square feet, yeah big.
Anyway, we have always worked well together and today was good. We finished it. Now all I need to do is fill it with more dirt and then , Plants.
Part of why it took three days to build other than age, don't repeat that, is because we have gophers. So we needed to put wire mesh/ screen down. So we spaded it in the shape we wanted. Okay he did.
Then used Ole Trusty , that kept puttering out, not so trusty.
Then put down the wire screen, and put back in the dirt. Then built the raised bed, using 2x6s.
When then bed frame was complete, I went around and filled in the dirt around the frame to cover the screen. I had to work it pretty good so that as time goes by we don't get scatched by the stuff. It could be pretty nasty, if one was scratched by a thin wire that has been in the ground for a few years. So, I crawled around on my hands and knees pounding dirt.
Needless to say, I feel like I have been beat by the hammer right now and I need to go sit in a more comfortable chair. But I just wanted to let you know how my best friends day went. We ended it with one of his favorite meals. Burgers from IN/OUT.
Now that is what I call a win win situation.
I get my raised garden bed and dinner out and he gets to spend the day with his best friend and gets the job done.
needs amendments to fill 

sporting our work belt aprons
made by hope'nmotion

I will let you know when we get to plant in it. It still needs some amendments added.