Thursday, February 10, 2011

So Much To Do....

            So little time...
How can we fit everything in that we sign up to do.
            I am so concerned with what isn't taken care of today that I need to carry it into tomorrow and then, wish it was already done.
            I am amazed at how much I do get done with so little time. Yet I know even if I had more time I would have more to do.

           I think I really need to stop thinking that I am worth what I can accomplish. Therefore, I am worthy of ....what? I have NO clue.

I took a task and added a dream and then, life can with a blow and now I sometimes feel like I am over whelmed.

                  I am so Thankful that I have the Lord on my side. I think I would be stir-crazy and addicted to some thing. Oh yeah, I am....
        The Lord and His word,
           Water and food,
                   Fabric for quilts,
                         and my grand-daughter.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Difference

last weeks emotional roller coaster ride
                       So last Monday we went thru the day without the ritual of taking the Monday morning bath, after the weekend away.

sent home from daddy's like this

This Monday, I did not want to go thru it again.

weekend washed away

        So we took the ever refreshing, all iniquity removing, totally cleansing bath.

We had a nice day
No stress, 
No crying,
No hassels,
No break-downs,
Just a blessing.
We were done by three and we went for a two and a half miles walk/bike ride. I walked, she rode her bike.

It was a good Monday. What a difference.